Hunt Museum

The Hunt Museum is about juxtaposing different objects from different eras together. We want to enhance the current exhibition pieces by placing common everyday objects beside them. We want to play on the idea that everyday objects have a hidden history to them, just like the objects from the past. The objects we take for granted today will become historical artifacts of the future. In this way, we want to play on peoples perception of everyday things.

We will be selecting specific display cases and placing a carefully chosen object in them. This object will be related to the other artifacts in the case but will contrast with them by being from a modern context. For example we could place a modern nail next to Bronze age artifacts to enhance their historic value while revealing the hidden history of the nail. A small piece will be written about each modern object, like the current displays, to bring them to life. These pieces will be placed inconspicuously around the museum to play on the idea of invisibility.