Steel Spoon

This Stainless Steel Spoon, Chinese Origin, was purchased in the Euro Store for 25c. Manufacturing these spoons is done en masse, by machine. The process entails the steel being cut to shape, with heavy rollers stretching and thinning the pieces. A machine punches a pattern into the handle then forms the bowl of the spoon into its rounded shape. The spoon is finished after buffing until the steel shines.

Silver Spoon and Ladel

A silver serving spoon at the Hunt Museum is inscribed with a coat of arms at the top of the handle and stamped with the mark A.B and date stamp D. Dublin. It has an oval bowl, in the Hanoverian pattern, with a retaining hook at the top of the handle. The silver soup ladle at the Hunt Museum is inscribed with the monogram M.P. on handle, possibly for member of Pery family. Its origins are Limerick and is marked STERLING.