Plastic Rosary Beads

These rosary beads were purchased from a shop on Thomas street in Limerick. The beads are pastel blue plastic which have been injection molded. Evidence of this process is apparent on each individual bead. The beads are arranged in groups of ten, with a single bead dividing each group. The chain is made from an inexpensive metal alloy, possibly pewter, which is painted silver. The Christ figure has been cast from a mold and has an ‘Italy’ stamp on the reverse.

Precious Rosary Beads

The collection of rosary beads in the Hunt museum are made from a variety of materials. These include amber, wood, silver, bone, and various forms of metal. Some specimens are carved from ivory. The individual artifacts are quite precious and were made from the best materials available at the time. The beads are aids to meditation used in combination with rote prayers.