Terracotta Pot

This item was purchased in a hobby shop for 45c, possibly made in China. It is a novelty item used for plants or decoration. Containers and jugs today, are generally made from glass or plastic, manufactured in bulk. These products are not developed to have features such as durability of longevity. For example a large Chinese manufacturing company’s minimum order quantity is 10,000, with the ability to supply a million a month.

Earthenware Pot

Earthenware containers found in The Hunt Museum date from the Tudor era. It is impressive to note that these artifacts have survived and remained intact after so long. They were used for pouring and as containers for holding spices or medicines. The only available colour for decoration was iron oxide, which produced a green colour or decoration by carving lines into the clay. These pots were found in most homes during this time, whilst among noble people the pottery could be painted up in many colours and designs, such as the Maioloca jar.