This fan was made in Zhejiang China. The fan was purchased at a Spanish novelty shop for a price of €2. The material of the frame and spines is a soft plastic cut from a mould to recreate the oriental look of the piece. The embellishing along the front and back of the frame is pressed on with modern ink. The material used on the fan is made of a cotton and polyester cloth with a generic pattern and lace trimming. Folding fans today are not for practical use but instead for novelty or promotional reasons. Many manufacturers are selling these fans based on advertising purposes being able to produce a 100,000 in a quarter year.

Ivory Folding Fan

For centuries, upper class ladies of many nations carried fancy fans. Some used their fans as a form of modesty, to hide their faces from the public. Others have employed their fans for more practical purposes, to cool themselves on hot days. This traditional folding fan is constructed from the precious material ivory and expensive lace for the times. A floral motif is used in the lace and the guards are decorated with stylized flowers and scrolling. The design on the outer spines have been hand carved with careful precision and patience as opposed to the mass produced 100,000 quarterly quota.