− Pure Data

During our workshop module, we were introduced to Pure Data and Gem. Below I have created several experiments based on what we learned in class.

The first two videos below demonstrate geometric animation created with the gem list object. This object is quite powerful because it allows you to create a large number of shapes without duplicating a huge number of objects in the patch. It also makes it possible to animate these shapes in relationship to one another which would be more difficult with individual shapes. A series of counters drive both the movement and the sound related to them. This makes it possible to keep the sound and the animation in sync easily.

The third video makes use of the model object. With this object, it is possible to import 3d files in the .obj file format. I created an abstract shape in Cinema 4d using the matrix extrude tool and imported it into PD. The gemmouse object combined with a spigot makes it possible to click and drag around the object as demonstrated in the video.

The final video shows the audio sequencer we developed in class. A number of samples were created for the sequencer in Logic.