− Prototype

My final project will be an immersive art installation that collects data about the users physical presence and their digital identity. This information will then drive a dynamic data visualisation that compares and contrasts the data gathered from each source. The aim is to expose the tension and relationships that exist between these normally separate aspects of identity. As well as informing a series of visuals, this information will also be used to generate a dynamic sound environment. In both cases, the data will be translated in an abstract way that allows users to engage with and re-evaluate their relationship to the information.

A number of sketches outlining the project development have been included here. These explore different ways of presenting the user with information about both their physical and digital identity. The final sketch among these explores the idea of making digital information physical and physical information digital. The users physical activities will be visualised on the projection, while a physical installation will reflect qualities of their digital identity.

Finally, a number of tests have been included which explore using the Kinect as well as Processsing and Max to create abstract visualisations of data gathered from the body. The first video is an early test where I built a theremin-like system using the distance of your hands from the Kinect. The second video shows how body data can be translated abstractly into a series of lines that are governed by an L-system. The final video shows a cluster of lines that increase in density with movement and disperse when movement ceases.