− Flash Experiments

While researching Generative Art for my final project, I came across a Flash library called Hype. Hype is developed by Joshua Davis and is a powerful tool for flash animation. I have included three experiments I have put together while trying to learn Hype and actionscript.

The first example, Proximity, shows a grid of circles that get disturbed as the mouse passes over them. The Hype library makes it possible to determine how much each particle vibrates when the mouse passes over it. It is also possible to colour a single particle instance in various tones of grey as shown.

The second example, Swarm, shows a swarm of particles moving around the screen. These particles leave a trace of their path that gets built up over time. The fluidity of their movement is customisable using actionscript.

The third Hype example, Vibration, shows a number of particles that vibrate within a certain range. There also leave a trace of their path.

Also included is a balloon game which we developed in class. The balloon can be filled or emptied at different rates depending on the air pressure. When the balloon is filled, pressing fly will release the balloon into the air. The score counter increases as you pop the balloons in mid-flight.