Final Project Presentation

Posted on April 18, 2012 by Patrick under Final Project

During my presentation for my final project, I talked about my plans to build an installation that addresses the tension between digital and physical identity. I discovered a number of interesting projects that cover similar issues. In particular, a project by two German students called ‘Identitat’ attempts to create a physical snapshot of a digital identity. This translation of something digital and ephemeral into something physical and permanent is of particular interest to me. For my project, I want to address the notion of the disembodied identity that exists online and attempt to reconnect it with the world of the physical. A lot of relevant research exists on this topic. In particular, the idea of ‘embodied interaction’ proposed by Paul Dourish provides a solid foundation for this kind of investigation. Also, Erving Goffman and danah boyd will form central parts of my research.

My presentation slides can be downloaded here.