Second Kinect Prototype

Posted on March 2, 2012 by Patrick under Final Project

This is my second experiment using the Kinect sensor. Having worked out previously how to get sound to respond to movements, I set about trying to create a relationship between movement and visuals. I’ve been looking into Jitter a lot recently and was keen to keep everything within MaxMSP if possible but I cam across some really good tutorials for Processing. The one I adapted is from Jose Sanchez at Plethora Project and makes use of something called ‘L-Systems’. The result is an abstract form that bends and moves in response to the actions of the user. I have configured the left hand to distort the shape and the distance of the right hand to the sensor to control the number of times the line is repeated along the shape. Added to this is are some basic sound elements in MaxMSP and the result is the beginnings of an audio/visual environment that directly engages with the actions of the user.