− Arduino

The interactive bin project demanded a good deal of arduino development, the process of which can be seen here. Having mastered the basics, we set about coding an interactive LED matrix. The first hurdle we encountered was the number of pins available on the Arduino Uno. We needed to control a matrix of 25 LEDs and there are only 13 pins on the Uno. The first step we tried was a process called multiplexing. Using a shift register, we were able to control up to 8 LED's using one pin. However, precise control proved difficult so we saught another solution.

The Arduino Mega proved to be the answer. With up to 54 pins, we had the control we needed. We developed a number of LED sequences on paper and translated these into their corresponding pins. In total, we created 14 LED sequences that were combined with 24 sounds. We hacked a sensor from an Air-Wick air freshner to trigger the sequences.

Finally, we built a physical structure to house the LEDs and wiring. We used a Mighty Dwarf speaker inside the bin to turn the structure itself into a speaker. The results of our efforts can be seen in the final video below. More detail about the development can also be found at the Bit bin site.

Bit - The 8-bit Bin (Project Development)